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HexForce Flange Spreader

HexForce flange spreaders employ a wedge mechanism to safely and efficiently separate flanges. By inserting the wedge between the flanges and forcing it open, controlled pressure is applied, ensuring the flanges are separated without causing damage to the components. This method offers several advantages:

- Safe and Controlled Disassembly**: Minimizes the risk of injury or equipment damage during the separation process.

- Increased Efficiency**: Achieves faster and more efficient separation compared to manual methods.

- Enhanced Accessibility**: Provides access to components behind the flanges for maintenance or inspection.


  • Capacity**: Up to 25 tons
  • Weight**: 3.3 kg
  • Minimum Spread**: 5 mm
  • Maximum Spread**: 81 mm



 ABS Flange Spreader


HF-FS-15EK 15 5 15 3.3
HF-FS-15EMK 15 x 2 5 15 3.3
HF-FS-25EK 25 7 23 7.8
HF-FS-25EMK 25 x 2 7 23 7.8


Introducing the Multifunctional Wedge: Your Ultimate Solution for Tight Spaces

Struggling with cramped corners and limited access during maintenance? The Multifunctional Wedge is your game-changer. This compact tool excels in tight spaces, eliminating the need for multiple tools or extra hands.

How the Multifunctional Wedge Empowers You:

  • Single-Handed Efficiency: Its lightweight design allows for precise adjustments even in confined areas, making a second person unnecessary.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: High-quality hardened steel jaws provide a firm grip and controlled movement for precise shaft alignment and delicate leveling tasks.
  • Ultra-Thin Profile: Squeeze into gaps as narrow as 5mm, tackling jobs where traditional tools can't reach.
  • Versatility Redefined: Shim, lift, pry, and more—this isn't just a wedge, it's a multi-talented problem solver for any situation requiring finesse and precision.
  • Built to Last: Premium materials and meticulous construction ensure a reliable partner for countless industrial maintenance jobs.


Don't let space limitations hinder your work. The Multifunctional Wedge offers unmatched convenience, precision, and versatility for any industrial maintenance professional.

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