• Streamlined Pipe Preparation Solutions

    • Whenever there's a need for cutting, machining, or expanding tubes, pipes, or flanges, AOGS's field-tested rental services team delivers unparalleled efficiency, performance, and dependability. Specializing in cold cutting and bevelling services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and expert personnel, we ensure consistently superior pipe preparation for welding, catering to diameters ranging from 2" to 86".

  • Why Opt for Cold Cutting by AOGS?

    Discover the benefits of AOGS's cold cutting and bevelling services, emphasizing safety, precision, and excellence. Our spark-free technology eradicates fire and explosion hazards, promoting a safer workplace. With unmatched on-site severing and bevelling proficiency, advanced technology, and a dedication to excellence, AOGS ensures impeccable weld preparation and project triumph.

    Reach out to us today to reduce downtime, boost safety, and enjoy the assurance of having your project expertly handled.

  • Enhance Efficiency and Safety

    Achieve smooth project flow with AOGS's on-site services, meticulously crafted to cut downtime and prevent project interruptions. Our cold cutting technology not only mitigates safety risks but also fosters a secure work atmosphere for all. With our meticulous approach, we guarantee impeccable weld preparation, ensuring the integrity of the final product.

    Trust your project to capable hands and enjoy peace of mind every step of the way. Reach out to AOGS today and unlock the advantages of our cold cutting solutions.

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