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Hydraulic Nut Splitter

Conquer Seized and Rusted Nuts with the Heavy Duty Nut Splitter

Break free from the toughest seized and rusted nuts with the power of the Heavy Duty Nut Splitter. This hydraulic tool is specifically engineered to tackle the most challenging situations, effortlessly splitting even the most stubborn nuts fused to machinery.

Ideal for Confined Spaces:

Compact Design: Perfect for tight areas where traditional methods are impractical, providing easy and efficient use in confined spaces.

Unmatched Power and Durability:

Rugged Construction: Features a one-piece cutting frame and a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder, delivering exceptional force to handle the toughest jobs.

Precise Cutting:

Tool Steel Cutter Blade: Ensures clean, controlled cuts by splitting the nut at its weakest point with precision.


 ABS Nut Splitter



HFNS-1924 19-24 M12-M16 10 18 60 171.5 10 25 40 68 2.2
HFNS-2432 24-32 M16-M22 15 40 70 192 13 30 52 79 3.3
HFNS-3241 32-41 M22-M27 20 68 80 230 16 36 65 92 4.4
HFNS-4150 41-50 M27-M33 35 150 100 286 21 45 76 116 8.2
HFNS-5060 50-60 M33-M39 50 250 117 321 24 54.5 92 134 11.7

* The hardness of nut material must not excess HRc-44. should not be used on stainless steel nuts and/or square shape nuts.

Break Free from Seized Nuts: Introducing the Heavy-Duty Nut Splitters

Cut Through Rust and Corrosion:

The Heavy-Duty Nut Splitters are powerful tools designed to tackle even the most stubborn, rusted nuts. They combine exceptional strength with precise cutting to efficiently remove seized nuts.

Built to Last:

Unmatched Strength: Featuring a one-piece cutting frame and a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder to deliver maximum force for the toughest jobs.

Precise Cuts: The specially designed tool steel blade ensures clean cuts, minimizing damage to surrounding threads.

Compact Design: Small enough to use in confined spaces, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

The Right Tool for the Job:

Multiple Sizes: Choose from five models to match the specific size and type of nut you need to remove.

Optimal Contact: The angled head design maintains contact with the nut for efficient splitting.

Durable Blade: The reinforced blade is built to withstand heavy use, providing long-lasting performance.

Conquer Seized Nuts with Confidence:

ABS offers high-quality Heavy-Duty Nut Splitters to help you remove seized nuts quickly and easily. These tools are also available for rent. Contact us today to learn more about purchasing or renting nut splitters, or to discuss your specific needs.

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