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HexForce Electric Hydraulic Pumps: Power, Reliability, and Precision Combined

Empower Your Bolting Operations with HexForce Electric Hydraulic Pumps

HexForce Electric Powered Hydraulic Pumps are robust, versatile units meticulously engineered to meet the demands of various bolt tensioning tasks. Crafted for excellence, these pumps are optimized to deliver high reliability even in challenging environmental conditions and rough handling, making them ideal for workshops, mobile, and industrial settings.

Quality Assured with CE Marking

The presence of the CE marking assures quality and conformity, signifying that our pumps meet rigorous European Union standards. Rely on these pumps for exceptional performance and unwavering reliability.

Monitor Pressure Levels with Ease

Stay informed about pressure levels during bolting operations with the dual-scale psi/bar 100 mm gauge. This feature facilitates easy and accurate pressure readings, enhancing the overall precision of your bolt tensioning tasks.

Upgrade your bolting experience with HexForce Electric Hydraulic Pumps. Explore our product catalogue to discover the perfect solution for your needs.


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Power and Resilience: Overcome Bolting Challenges with Electric Pumps

Crafted for Endurance, Engineered for Performance:

Electric pumps by HexForce provide the strength and dependability necessary to address rigorous bolting demands in workshops, mobile setups, and rugged industrial environments. Engineered to withstand tough handling, these sturdy pumps ensure optimal performance even under the harshest conditions.

Tailored to Suit Your Requirements:

Matching Power to Precision: Choose the ideal pump tailored to your specific bolting needs. Select from configurations offering 1500 bar or 2500 bar to ensure sufficient power for any task.

Controlled Pressure:

Clear and Precise Monitoring: Maintain accurate oversight of your bolting process with the high-quality 100mm dual-scale gauge. This versatile gauge allows for pressure readings in bar or MPa, catering to your preference.

Effortless Fluid Management:

Transparent Tank with Level Indicator: The 5L transparent tank with an integrated level indicator provides clear visibility of fluid levels. This facilitates easy monitoring and timely refilling, preventing disruptions during operation.

Optional Enhanced Protection:

Superior Contaminant Control: Elevate your pump's contamination protection with the optional FMF Fine Mesh Filter. This filter minimizes the risk of contaminants entering the system, safeguarding your pump and extending its lifespan.

Advantages of Electric Pumps:

Durability: Withstands rough handling in demanding environments.

Versatility: Choose from pressure options to meet specific requirements.

Precision: Dual-scale gauge ensures accurate pressure monitoring.

Convenience: 5L tank with level indicator for easy fluid level management.

Optional Protection: FMF Fine Mesh Filter available for enhanced contamination control.

Invest in Electric Pumps for Unparalleled Performance:

HexForce electric pumps offer a blend of power, durability, and user-friendly features. These pumps empower you to confidently tackle even the most challenging bolting tasks with efficiency.

Key Features:

  • CE Marked for Quality Assurance: CE marking ensures adherence to stringent European Union standards, guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability.
  • Pressure Options for Customization: Choose from 1500 and 2500 bar options to align with your specific requirements.
  • Dual Scale Gauge for Accuracy: The dual-scale psi/bar 100mm gauge enables easy and precise pressure readings.
  • Quiet Operation (<70 dBa): Operates at less than 70 dBa for a quiet working environment without compromising performance.
  • 5L Tank with Level Indicator: Transparent tank facilitates quick and easy fluid level monitoring.
  • Safety Pressure Release Valve: Prevents over-pressurization, ensuring safety for both equipment and personnel.
  • Pressure Setting Valve: Allows customization of pressure output for different bolting scenarios.
  • Optional FMF Secondary Fine Mesh Filter: Enhances system longevity and performance with additional filtration.
  • Invest in Electric Powered Hydraulic Pumps to elevate your bolting operations. Designed for versatility, durability, and quiet efficiency, these pumps redefine what you can achieve in your workshop or industrial setting. Trust in their power and reliability to meet the challenges of adverse conditions and demanding applications.


Contact us today to explore our electric pumps and discover the perfect solution for your bolting requirements!