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HexForce Air-Powered Hydraulic Pump: Enhancing Your Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning Experience

HexForce air-powered hydraulic pumps present a reliable and effective solution for pressurizing your hydraulic bolt tensioners. These versatile pumps are meticulously crafted to streamline your workflow and ensure precise and consistent bolt tightening across a wide range of applications.

Tailored Engineering: Unlike conventional air pumps, these models are meticulously designed to efficiently pressurize hydraulic bolt tensioners. This dedication to tailored engineering guarantees optimal performance and consistent application of bolt load.

Integrated Pneumatic Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL): Benefit from a clean, regulated, and lubricated air supply courtesy of the integrated FRL unit. This unit eliminates impurities from the air, regulates air pressure to desired levels, and provides lubrication to safeguard your pump and prolong its operational lifespan.

Enhance your hydraulic bolt tensioning operations with the HexForce Air-Powered Hydraulic Pump. Discover the difference in performance and reliability today!

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 ABS Air Powered Hydraulic Pump


Achieve Reliable and Precise Bolt Tightening with HexForce Air-Powered Hydraulic Pumps

Effortless Power and Precision for Your Bolting Tasks:

HexForce air-powered hydraulic pumps provide a trustworthy and efficient solution for pressurizing your hydraulic bolt tensioners. Engineered to streamline your workflow, these versatile pumps ensure consistent and accurate bolt tightening across various applications.

Engineered for Optimal Performance:

Tailored Design: Unlike generic air pumps, our models are specifically designed to efficiently pressurize hydraulic bolt tensioners, ensuring optimal performance and consistent bolt load application.

Clean and Controlled Airflow:

Integrated Pneumatic Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL): Enjoy a clean, controlled, and lubricated air supply thanks to the integrated FRL unit. This unit eliminates impurities, regulates air pressure, and provides lubrication to protect your pump and prolong its lifespan.

Customized to Your Needs:

Variable Pressure Options: Select the pump that best suits your requirements from our range of models offering maximum pressure ratings between 1000 bar and 3000 bar. This flexibility ensures you have the power to tackle even the most demanding bolting tasks.

Precision Monitoring:

Calibrated Gauge: Maintain accurate pressure monitoring throughout the bolting process with the calibrated gauge. This essential tool allows you to precisely apply the required pressure for optimal results.

Safety First:

Air Pressure Safety Relief Valve: Rest assured knowing that the air pressure safety relief valve is in place to protect both your equipment and your safety. This valve prevents the pump from exceeding safe pressure limits, safeguarding against potential damage.

Advantages of Air-Powered Hydraulic Pumps:

Efficiency: Streamline your bolting operations with a reliable and efficient power source for your hydraulic bolt tensioners.

Consistency: Achieve consistent and accurate bolt tightening every time, regardless of the application.

Versatility: Choose from a range of pressure options to match your specific bolting requirements.

Safety: Benefit from integrated safety features like the FRL unit and pressure relief valve for worry-free operation.

Upgrade your bolting experience today! Invest in air-powered hydraulic pumps and discover the difference.