Pneumatic Torque Pump

The HFP AIR Pneumatic Pump stands as a high-performance solution crafted specifically for pneumatic torqueing applications. Below are the prominent features of this pump:

4" Gauges: Fitted with 4-inch gauges, the pump delivers clear and accurate readings of torqueing operations.

Dual Scale: The gauges boast a dual scale, displaying measurements in both 700 bar and 10,000 psi, ensuring compatibility with various torqueing systems. Classified as class 1.0, these gauges are liquid-filled, enhancing durability and precision.

Port Options: Available in both 1-port and 4-port configurations, the HFP AIR Pneumatic Pump offers flexibility to adapt to diverse torqueing setups and demands.

Twin Line Hose: Included is a standard 15 ft twin line hose, offering convenience and user-friendliness during torqueing operations. Engineered to withstand high pressures, this hose ensures efficient fluid delivery to the torquing tools.





SOURCE V/bar 230V 5-10 bar
POWER (kW) 2.8
WEIGHT (kg) (Without Link 26
DIMENSIONS (cm) 50 (L) x 26 (W) x 38 (H)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

HFP AIR Pneumatic Pump: Empowering Efficiency, Accuracy, and Serenity

Elevate your pneumatic torqueing experience to new heights with the HFP AIR Pneumatic Pump, delivering a potent fusion of capabilities meticulously crafted to streamline your operations:

Transparent Pressure Monitoring:

Precision 4-Inch Gauges: The HFP AIR showcases prominent 4-inch gauges, ensuring unparalleled readability. Engineered with precision, these gauges enable you to monitor pressure with utmost accuracy and confidence during operations.

Versatile Dual-Scale Display: Offering utmost adaptability, the gauges feature a dual-scale display. Effortlessly switch between bar (up to 700 bar) or psi (up to 10,000 psi, Class 1) pressure readings to suit your preferences.

Tailored Configuration for Optimal Efficiency:

1-Port or 4-Port Flexibility: The HFP AIR caters to diverse operational requirements through its customizable design. Opt for the 1-port configuration for streamlined setups where a single connection suffices. For tasks necessitating multiple concurrent connections, choose the 4-port variant to maximize efficiency in intricate bolting scenarios.

Ready for Action Straight Out of the Box:


Standard 15 ft. Twin Line Hose: The HFP AIR comes equipped with a standard 15 ft. twin line hose**, ensuring immediate operational readiness. This eliminates the need for separate hose procurements, saving time and ensuring seamless compatibility with your existing setup.

Work in Tranquility with Super-Silenced Technology:

Redefined Noise Reduction: Step into the realm of serene torque application with the HFP AIR's innovative super-silenced air drives. Emitting noise levels of less than 80dB(A), these drives significantly reduce noise pollution compared to conventional pneumatic pumps. This fosters a tranquil and comfortable work environment for both you and your colleagues.

The HFP AIR: Your Premier Choice for Potent and Precise Bolting

With its precision gauges, adaptable design, plug-and-play convenience, and super-silenced operation, the HFP AIR pneumatic pump empowers you to achieve precise and efficient torque application while prioritizing a serene work atmosphere.