Electric Torque Pump

The HFEL-230 Electric Torque Pump stands as a sturdy and effective solution tailored to address a variety of torqueing needs. Highlighted features of this pump include:

4" Gauges: Equipped with 4-inch gauges, the pump delivers clear and precise readings of torqueing operations.

Dual Scale: The gauges boast a dual scale, displaying measurements in both 700 bar and 10,000 psi, ensuring compatibility with diverse torqueing systems. Classified as class 1.0, these gauges are liquid-filled, enhancing durability and dependability.

Port Options: Available in both 1-port and 4-port configurations, the HFEL-230 offers flexibility to accommodate distinct torqueing setups and preferences.

Twin Line Hose: Included with the pump is a standard 15 ft twin line hose, offering convenience and user-friendly operation during torqueing tasks. Engineered to withstand high pressures, this hose ensures efficient fluid delivery to the torqueing tools.



POWER (kW) 0.55
OIL FLOW 6.5 lpm (LP) - 1.8 lpm (MP) - 0.7 lpm (HP)
WEIGHT (kg) (Without Link) 25
DIMENSIONS (cm) 40 (L) x 28 (W) x 40 (H)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*100 V, 115 V variants available.

HFEL-230: Your Dynamic and Flexible Electric Torque Solution

With its robust construction and intuitive features, the HFEL-230 electric torquing pump prepares you for a wide array of bolting tasks:

Precise Pressure Monitoring:

Generous 4-inch Gauges: The HFEL-230 boasts large 4-inch gauges, facilitating easy and accurate pressure monitoring during operations, enabling you to maintain precise control over torque application.

Dual-Scale Display: Ensuring maximum adaptability, the gauges offer a dual-scale display, allowing you to conveniently view pressure readings in either bar (up to 700 bar) or psi (up to 10,000 psi, Class 1), catering to your preferences.

Liquid-Filled Gauges: For enhanced resilience and longevity, the gauges are liquid-filled, shielding them from damage caused by vibration or shock—a common occurrence in industrial settings.

Configuration Flexibility to Suit Your Needs:

1-Port or 4-Port Options: Tailor your setup to match your specific requirements. Opt for the 1-port configuration for streamlined operations requiring a single hydraulic output, or choose the 4-port version for applications necessitating multiple simultaneous connections, enhancing efficiency in intricate bolting tasks.

Ready for Immediate Use:

Standard 15 ft. Twin Line Hose: Equipped with a standard 15 ft. twin line hose, the HFEL-230 ensures immediate operational readiness. This eliminates the need for separate hose acquisitions, saving time and ensuring seamless compatibility.

The HFEL-230: Reliability and Power at Your Command

The HFEL-230 electric torquing pump combines clear pressure monitoring, versatile configuration options, and plug-and-play convenience, making it a dependable and adaptable solution for diverse bolting needs.