Controlled Bolting

CONTROLLED BOLTING is a method of tightening fasteners at a known measurable value.

This ensures that fasteners in a joint are tightened evenly thus, maintaining joint integrity.

Utilizing the highest-standards of bolt torqueing and tensioning technology with the combination of skilled manpower, we offer an array of on-site bolting services ranging from simple bolting of a single flange joint, to major construction, and maintenance of bolted joints of critical applications at shutdowns.



Bolt torqueing services through field proven hydraulic/ pneumatic/ electric systems (34 Nm – 80,000 Nm) for nut size range of 32mm-145 mm

Bolt tensioning services with provision of 50% tensioning sets across the flange, for stud size: 1½” – 4”

 Flange Pulling

Our flange pulling services offer optimum closure of the flanges without causing any misalignment in optimum time.

 Flange Spreading

Our flange spreading services utilize hydraulic and mechanical flange spreaders to ensure spreading of the flange in a quick and effective manner.

 Nut Splitting

Our hydraulic nut splitting service is an easy, quick and efficient way of cold cutting of seized up nuts in a corroded environment.

 Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measurement

To minimize the requirement for extensive operator training to calculate the bolt loads, we offer the Ultrasonic Bolt Load Measurement services. The “ECHOMETER” uses ultrasonics to measure the elongation, stress and load in fasteners with readings displayed on an easy to read screen. The unit works with all bolt tightening systems, and is designed with built in data recording and reporting through USB interface.


Equipment Installation & Maintenance

  • Turbines
  • Compressors
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Reactors
  • Tower Cranes
  • Wind Turbines
  • Vessels / Columns/ Valves

Structural Bolting

  • Plant Construction
  • Bridges
  • Wind Tower erection on turnkey basis

Plant Turnaround

  • Shutdown maintenance
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Construction

 Annual Rate Contracts

Annual Rate Contracts ensure:

  • Low probability of unscheduled shutdown
  • Timely availability and mobilisation of resources (man and machine)
  • Peace of Mind

Safe Operational Environment

Controlled bolting requires high level of skills and the critical need to follow prescribed operating procedures. Our skilled technicians maintain best safety standards by securing the designated work area before beginning operations, thus ensuring zero incidents due to human error.

Reduced Operating Time

Manual torqueing and bolt opening-closing techniques consume a lot of time and add to worker fatigue. Our procedure based systematic and calculated approach reduces the overall downtime and significantly improves productivity.

Bolt Load Accuracy and Consistency.

Our combination of preliminary inspections, studies on bolting pattern required, controllable output settings, and use of tested and calibrated equipment ensures repeatable and consistent bold load accuracy.


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