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The pandemic has hit many businesses hard. As industries are still recovering from the losses incurred during the lockdown, ABS is offering multiple tools on rent to minimize capital investments and eliminate tool maintenance and upgrade costs. In this article, we will talk about all the machining and torque tools ABS offers on rent.

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We often hear about calibration, but many do not know the importance of frequently opting for the service. A torque wrench being a very popular tool across all industries is frequently used to complete maintenance and shutdown operations. Regularly using the tool often impacts the accuracy of the tool and need to be re-calibrated to ensure it delivers precise torque outputs. In this article, we will define calibration, understand why we need to calibrate, and the frequency of calibration services.

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TensionPro Sonar

Major industrial application face constant vibrations and loads which loosens the bolt. As torque wrenches and bolt tensioners are frequently used during maintenance to achieve joint integrity, it is known to be a time-consuming and tedious process. In this article, we aim to offer a time saving solution by explaining how using a ultrasonic bolt load measurement device like the TensionPro Sonar can help during such operations.

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As mentioned earlier in many of our articles, flanges are a crucial application for major industries like petrochemicals, power, oil & gas, and many more. As leakages can cause major losses to plants, it is important to ensure timely flange facing and maintenance to ensure leak-free joints. To address this issue and maintain joint integrity, a plant should always have the essential flange maintenance tools to reduce downtime and losses. In this article, we will talk about the commonly used flange maintenance tools and the role of these tools in maintenance operations.

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HiSTRONG Product

Hydraulic jacks are versatile load-lifting tools that are applicable to a wide range of industries. By applying Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics, these devices generate large amounts of load to elevate or lower any application ranging from containers to heavy machinery. In this article, we will talk about the different types of jacks available in the industry. We will also provide an insight into the various industries that use hydraulic jacks.

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BOLTSTRONG Accessories

Torque wrenches are essential to complete bolting operations in major industries. Apart from these tools, multiple accessories help complete complex bolting jobs seamlessly. These accessories also help complete bolting operations for applications that have access gap or space constraints. In this article, we will talk about how BOLTSTRONG resolves these problems with their offerings.

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H&S Speed Facer

Flanges being one of the most essential components of major industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, and many more, it is important to prepare the surface accurately and safely to reduce leakages. Modern onsite machining facers like the H&S tool Speed Facer offers automatic flange facing with less manpower and completes the job in less time. In this article, we will highlight the benefits of facing flanges with H&S Speed Facers.

H&S Tools is a U.S.A based company owned by CLIMAX – Portable Machining and Welding Systems, which has more than 50 years of experience in designing precision tools for machining services like pipe cutting, boring, welding, milling and flange facing. After years of development, H&S has developed the Speed Facer which offers better safety and productivity in flange maintenance than competitor products. The remote feed control and automatic feed system keep the operator’s hands safe by allowing hands-free machining. The easy set-up makes it possible to achieve crate-to-cut within 15 minutes or less. Additionally, it offers the flexibility for higher metal removal, variable surface finishes, and creates a variety of cuts.