After Sales Service

Committed to customer satisfaction, we provide the best service support in industry.

  • Training
  • Tool Audit
  • Repair
  • Calibration

True to our vision of making the industry a safe place to work, we emphasize on competency development of bolting professionals.

Companies now require certain levels of training for tool operators before they are permitted to work on the job. Whether it’s a simple on-site training on safe and proper tool handling, or a comprehensive classroom training, ABS Gulf can deliver training modules to match the suitability to different levels of customer’s personnel- operators, supervisors, engineers and managers.

We also offer customized training programs as per requirement of customers based on their TNI (Training Need Identification).

ABS Gulf’s suite of Training Services is built on the sound principles of application based learning.  Our team of bolting and machining specialists offer the following courses (classroom/ onsite) with utmost effectiveness and efficiency-

  • Safe Bolting Methods
  • Safe Tool Operation
  • Safe upkeep and maintenance of tools

Customers prefer to conduct their training programs at our facility for its well-equipped infrastructure and training capabilities.

Tools are the lifeline of smooth operations in any job site. Bolting tools are extensively used during the maintenance / shutdown activity and the fitness of these tools are of paramount importance.

Understanding this importance, ABS helps its customers keep the tools fit to use during the time of need. ABS has begun its tool audit program.

The tool audit includes:

  • Checking the working condition of the tool.
  • Checking if there is any abnormalities in the tool.
  • If any issue found, the spares are recommended.
  • The history of the tool is shared with the customer, and if the spare cost is too high or if the tool is too old, we recommend the scrapping the tool for a new one.

This has helped customers maintain their tools efficiently thus avoiding hindrances during their maintenance / Shut down activity.

At ABS Gulf, our commitment to unparalleled quality continues with our full – line of repair services.

ABS has state – of – the – art repair facilities with highly trained technical personnel to make sure the customer gets the best service to count on.

We undertake thorough analysis of the cause of defect (RCA Analysis), document it in standard formats and share with the customer for understanding.

Optimize your tool performance and reliability through our NABL accredited tool calibration services.

Our in-house lab can undertake tool calibration with capacity up to 20000 Nm* for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric, Battery Operated and Manual torqueing tools, and pressure gauges up to 700 bar capacity. Our certified technicians ensure accurate and timely service.