Sonar Bolt Measurement

The Sonar ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOF) measurement device measures, displays, stores and transfers bolt load and elongation data in a new, single purpose unit.

Bolt Measurement

The unit uses a rugged, sealed color touch screen for easy operator use. The measurement system is a hybrid technique, using the best of both analogue and digital signal processing techniques for fast signal acquisition and precise single shot TOF measurement.

The intuitive software has been developed specifically for the bolting industry, with input from the most experienced users and electronic developers in the bolt tightening industry. Easy to use and quick verification of your bolt preload.


  • CE marked
  • Light and rugged case
  • 179x179x45mm – 1.5 kg
  • Color, sunlight readable, touch display
  • IP44 rated
  • Real time signal tracking
  • Secure data collection, password protected
  • Flexible and programmable data storage
  • Real time echo trace stored with each reading
  • Fast charger and USB charge options
  • Fully customizable
  • Available from stock for quick delivery