Our portable and new technology bolting systems are widely used in the mining industry.

Whether it is working on large vehicles, cranes or bridges, we can provide you with productivity-enhancing bolting solutions.Mining and construction equipment is the ultimate test of bolted joint integrity. Extreme loads and vibrations require every bolted joint to be tightened with even and accurate bolt load to eliminate the possibility of nut loosening, which can lead to damaged equipment and injuries. Our technical specialists have provided custom bolting systems for these applications that have been proven to reduce maintenance times and assure a permanently bolted joint.  Contact us for an on-site application study and proposal for all available options including complete on-site bolting and portable machining services.


Chain stars on Haulage
Chain Locks
Tubing Bolt
Grinder Foundation Bolts
Coal Crusher
Tunnel Drill
Nordberg Crushers
Flanges on Drill
Hyd. Shovels
Rail Road Tracks
Diesel Engines
Connection Rods
Driving Gears
Rail Road Tracks
Mud Pumps and many more.