Heavy Duty Hand Pumps


Single & Dual speed models
MAX. WORKING PRESSURE: 700 bar/ 10,000 psi


  • High pressure hydraulic hand pumps are the solution for tough jobs.
  • Reduced handle effort and ergonomic grip for less operator fatigue.
  • Dual-speed operation for fast and easy operation.
  • Vent free reservoir eliminated spills.

  • Quick grip handle allows for easy transport.
  • Integral reservoir with over-pressurization protection.
  • Chrome plated plunger and wiper system for durable, long lasting performance.

Electric Pump


Electric Pumps, 8 Liter
MAX. WORKING PRESSURE: 700 bar/ 10,000 psi


  • Original pumps are built with 1/2 HP, 220V, 50/60Hz, Single phases universal brushless motor
  • Internal relief valve (700 bars) protects the components and work safety.
  • Pumps are included with 24V, 3 meters remote control cord.
  • Quiet pumps comply OSHA noise limitation (80dBA at 700bar).

  • EP18D specially designed for double-acting cylinders without the need for additional control valve and adapters.
  • Conform to CE standards.
  • Models available with Solenoid Valve version.