When you only need it once, rent it from us.

When it comes to deciding whether to own a tool, many factors have to be considered; capital investment to cover direct cost of equipment, additional cost of warranties, insurance, regular maintenance, repairs, storage and transportation.

To ease this process, we actively promote our Tool Rental Service packages. We maintain a comprehensive fleet of torqueing tools ranging from 200 Nm – 80,000 Nm, and also provide tensioning and other pipe/tube field machining equipment.

Flexibility to assess and secure the right equipment for a wide variety of jobs and projects without the obligation to purchase.

Gain access to the latest torqueing, tensioning and field machining equipment

Availability of equipment at any location within a short time.

Short term or Long term contracts depending on demand.

On-site tool demonstrations and Basic Tool Operation & Safety Training

Usage whilst having your own equipment serviced or repaired